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About Connections

Connections contains Inights, Guides, Friends of TarotRoom and recommended links. The following are frequently asked questions.


All members in the TarotRoom are Guides! People who are adored the most, leave the most rated Tarot Insights or have the most TarotRoom points are easier to find as Guides and the most requested. Guides can leave tarot insights on saved Tarot readings, Chart trends and Portraits and share theier tarot knowledge to help you with where you are, where you've been and where you're going. If you really like a Guide, adore them (click heart to make it red). You too can be a Guide if you leave great tarot insights on people's readings, portraits, or charts. Share your knowledge now!
Friends are now adored Guides. Go to a Guide's portrait, find a guide, select the row and leave an insight message to get acquainted, or click the red heart to adore. They will be alerted and you will be notified when they respond. Any previously accepted friends have been noted in your Guides list as adored guides (red heart). Adore a guide so they appear on top and can be easily found. Now that we have Social Media login, you will be able to connect and share charts, readings, birthday tarot, card of the day, etc. with your friends and family.
Select the Insights menu under Connections menu, then click on the Guides tab. NOT IMPLEMENTED: You can search by searching a guide's email address or first and last name. A list of guides will display; hover over a picture to view the guide's mini-profile. Click on the nickname to view full Portrait. Click on the headers at the top of list to sort by guides name, sign, level, tarot knowledge, adored portrait or tarot insights, or if you adored.
Select the Insights menu under Connections menu, then click on the Guides tab. Find a guide you like and select in list. Type your note and click "Share with --> Selected guide". Your insight request will show up on the portrait page of that guide. You can also choose to share your insight on Portraits, Chart Trends or Readings with a guide. After typing an insight on your Portrait, Chart or saved Reading, select "Share with --> A guide" and you'll go to the Guides page with your message highlighted. Choose a guide like instructed above.
Select the Insights page from the Connections Menu, click on Find Guides tab to instantly view all guides with the ones you've adored at top. Click on "Show Guides" list and select "Adored by me" to view only your adored guides. You can also choose to see guides with the most adored tarot insights or portrait.
Not at this time but coming soon: Select the Insights "Find Guide" tab and look for you guide. Select the guide picture and you will go to the guide's Portrait page. Click the Lock or Unlock icon to block or show Guide. You can also do this directly from any guide's Portrait page.
Clicking on the guide's nickname or portrait image anywhere in TarotRoom will take you to their Portrait. You can also search for Guides on the "Find Guides" tab of the Insights page, and double click on any guide in the list to view that Portrait page. To go back to your own portrait click on Portrait in the My TarotRoom menu.


An insight is a message left by a Guide (member) on your Portrait, Chart trend or saved Reading. You can share an insight with "Everyone" which will show up in the list of Tarot Insights asking for Guide help. You can also decide to share with only a specific guide you search for on the Insight's "Find Guides" tab. Remember you can leave Tarot Insights for other people, too, and become an adored Guide on TarotRoom!
Diary notes are now comments at the end of your Portrait. Your previous Diary entries still show up with the reading you left a note on. If you want to leave a private Insight that no one can read, then find a Guide under Connections and send a note directly.
On all Readings, Portraits and Charts you'll see a place to type something and click "Submit." Your message will show up in the "See Insights" tab of the Insights page and the top ticker. Guides can then select your request and leave an Insight on your Reading, Portrait or Chart directly from the Insighs page or the ticker. (See Guide info above).
A notification will appear on your Portrait page with information about the request, and you will receive an email notificiation.
You will receive an email notificiation with a link to the Insight on your Portrait, Chart or saved Reading. To see all your Tarot Insights, go to the Insights page and select "See Insights" tab. From there, select "For me" in the the "Show Insights" list. You can then sort by type, person the Insight is from, date, and rating.

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Chatting live with other guides will be deployed with our next major release.