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About My Tarot Room

MyTarotRoom contains Portrait, Birthday Tarot, Trends, Chart, Saved Readings. The following are frequently asked questions.


Updated under Portrait or Chart by clicking on the privacy eye. This will block guides(members) from viewing your portrait and readings.
  • Public setting will allow any member to view Portrait, Chart and Saved Readings.
  • Premium members can set Portrait, Chart and Readings to an all private setting automatically. Not recommended because will not be able to seek tarot insights.
  • Only the mini-portrait information will be visible to everyone (nickname, sign, membership information and stats).
  • Basic members will need to manually set each reading and insight as private every time. Chart and Portrait will be public by default however can block specific members.
Not at this time, but coming soon: Select the guide and check "block". To unblock anyone, go to guides and select filter for blocked guides, find guide and unblock. Please use the Contact Us form to if you need assistance with blocking a guide by providing their portrait details and the issue.
No. We do not display or provide any personal information such as email address or phone to anyone.
Yes. Your own Tarot Insights on personal readings can be made public or private. Public notes can be viewed by anyone who is not blocked. No one can view private insight notes except you. Tarot Insights between you and guide can only be seen by both of you.

Tarot Readings and Decks

Click on the Other Deck Readings under Tarot Reading to use other decks. The deck author interpretation will be displayed; no overall impression, special reading, or unique personalized analysis is provided. Select the deck on top, then the layout; Celtic Cross or Past-Present-Future, and click on "Start Reading." Only Premium Members can use other deck readings.
Under main navigation Explore menue click on Explore Tarot Deck submenu. Select from the several decks on top, select the Explore Deck layout and click View. The information for each card as written by the author of the deck will be displayed for each card selected. Click on any picture to view the larger card, the main card reading and signifier as written by the author of the deck. Select 'Reverse' to view its reverse meaning. Note that not all authors will provide a reverse meaning.
Access Explore Decks. Select a card and click on email to a friend. Make an entry and send the card. They will receive a picture of the card, the main and signifier meaning and your special note.
Access the Guides submenu under Connections. Find a guide and then click on the row. Enter a note above the guide box and click on Share with Selected Guide. An email is sent to the Guide and a comment shows up in your Portrait. In addition, these request show on the top ticker box. Premium members seeking tarot insights will be placed on top of the insight showcase. Basic members will show after all Premium members.


The trend is calculated based on the 1, 3, 6, 12 month or all time. Trend varies by time period. Basic members only have a 3 month view, while Premium members can view all time.
The chart contains a marker for every saved tarot reading. Order the last spell or product recommendation directly from this page. Click on the reading marker to view the entire saved reading. View tarot insights and request for guides to provide advice.


Some of this information is displayed in your Mini-Profile. Enter your Nickname, Birthday. Horoscope is auto-populated, Gender, Tarot Insight, Mood, Experience, and Connections. Use the drop downs to select your choice, when happy with your selections, click on the “Update” button. Only Premium members can upload photos.
In My TarotRoom under Portrait. View and update personal dashboard that contains tarot reading and insight stats, Image, nickname, mood, experience, tarot insight, horoscope, birthday and gender. You can view your membership type and level. Your email address, email preference are private. The newest reading or featured reading is displayed for visitors to your page. View insight notes and provide feedback, rate the insight or hide.
Not at this time but coming soon: Only Premium members can select a different reading. Under Chart select the appropriate reading. Then click on button to post to Portrait.
Under the Portrait page, click on the back and forward buttons to find a picture in the picture rotator or select upload my own option. Click on any picture within the rotator to change. Once you are happy with a picture, click on the green checkmark, then click on the "Update" button to confirm your selection. If there are not pictures in your profile and you use Social Media,that picture will be automatically loaded.
Hover over portrait picture or nickname anywhere in TarotRoom to view a person's mini-portrait. Mini-portraits contain the following information: Image, nickname, online status, astrological sign, gender, tarot knowledge, connection, experience, mood, and location.
View Tarot Birthday information under the Birthday. The sign is updated in the Portrait page by updating birthday month and birthday day.

Birthday Tarot

A tarot birth card is determined based on your birth date. The energy of the tarot card defines who you are as a person. There are several elements that can be derived from your Tarot Birthday card. We will know things that will never change from birth to death, no matter what happens in your life. We provide your overall energy based on your birthdate. In addition you will find the following:
  • Element: Which element you control and obtain power from; Earth, Air, Fire or Water.
  • Cusp: Is a character of your strength.
  • Ruled by: Which planet is favored by you. When your planet is closest to earth, then things are better for you.
  • Powers: Your color, metal, precious stone, day of the week and number. Once you know these they can be used for your advantage because they are position.
  • Qualities: These are social qualities.
  • Compatible: provides which signs your are compatible with.
  • Less compatible: provides signs, which you should avoid.
  • Attracted to: provides signs which you are attracted to, may not be the best, make sure they are also compatible as that is the best combination.