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About Our Readings

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Our experienced Tarot Reader, worked with our technical programmer, together they duplicated the process, karma, strength and feel of a real reading. The Tarot Reader is in essence providing the reading directly to you, it is her words, interpretation and aura, which surround this site. Our Tarot Reader chose her own cards and decided on the layout, interpretation and scanned own cards into the web site. She personally typed in the results, created the connections and significance of all the cards, the positions, overall impressions and special readings.

The result is magically authentic and eerily accurate tarot readings. We went even further in providing awesome features such as ability to save readings, view trends in a chart, share information in a personal page, seek tarot insights into readings, provide guides, other card readings to view live readings, and a metaphysical store to buy tarot cards, spells, potions, and talismans.

Members are referred to as Guides. They have different levels of tarot knowledge; Connoisseur, Apprentice and Novice. Connoisseurs have the expertise of doing tarot readings and provide the best insights. Guides can leave tarot insights and connect with other members. The purpose of readings is to get answers to problems big or small through a live Celtic Cross tarot reading, which walks you through your life path. Guides participate in your readings and provide advice. Every reading is unique and is directly associated to the person who shuffles the cards. We evaluate the entire reading to determine if there is a need for help. The help is offered through spell kits, talisman, potions or featured products from our partners.

This is the only site on the Web which offers solutions related to a unique tarot reading.

Note that it is possible for a male to be seen as a female but this is not indicative of sexual orientation. This is referencing either personality or feelings at the time and in the position of the layout. Likewise a female can be seen as a male in the cards, this is most common for women who are providers, protectors and/or are career oriented. Trends and special readings that continually appear represent an unavoidable situation. Remember that life is changing constantly, so cards may change significantly day to day and immediate outcomes. However, final outcome and repeated special readings are usually indicative of the inevitable.

TarotRoom.com by Spell Space, Inc., does not make any representations or guarantees and you accept all risks when using our products and services.


TarotRoom Website works with every browser and works best with latest browser version. You must have Javascript and Cookies enabled on the browser to utilize this site.


TarotRoom.com recommends that you perform no more than 1 personal reading a day relating to a specific topic, as the predictions get muddled and lose potency. You must be serious and think deeply about your question, issue and problem when you start shuffling your cards. If you think about too many things at once, then your reading can be confusing. Should this occur, we recommend that you wait a few days, clear your mind and focus on a specific item before beginning to shuffle your cards. It is best to wait one week or one month to get a better gage on the direction your life is heading.
You must be logged in to get a readings. Select the Celtic Cross layout and click on Start Reading button on top left. Then click on the cards to shuffle and cut. We do shuffle 3 times automatically. This allows your energy, thoughts and questions to come into the cards. Then click on the cards one last time to lay out and reveal your reading. The reading is laid out in the traditional Celtic Cross and we walk you through each of the positions, starting with a current situation going on in your life. Click on “NEXT" and "POSITION” to walk you through each of the 9 positions. When you reach your Final Outcome, an Overall Impression, Special Readings and Number of Spells Recommended will appear on the right.
Only Premium Members can do quick readings and other deck readings. Select the Past Present Future layout on the right side and click on Start Reading button on top left. Click on “NEXT" and "POSITION” to walk you through each of the 4 positions. There is a dominant card on top and the card underneath is the signifier card and represents what this is in relation to. For example, if the dominant card indicates strife or turmoil, the signifier card describes where in your life this is in relation to, such as work, relationship, or a specific person.
Click on the main navigation on top under Tarot Reading and select Tarot Room Reading.
  • The Quick reading provides a faster way of getting overall information about a situation, contrary to Celtic Cross reading which provides more indebt information.
  • The following are the position meanings: Past: In your past or what has brought you to today. This information is important to understand why you find yourself in the current situations and the trajectory of your life.
  • Current Situation: The first position is in relation to a situation going on in your life now. Future: The outcome of this situation, or how it will turn out. If you do not try to change this situation, then this outcome is to be expected. If the outcome is not desired, then intervene and make changes to change this situation.
  • Advice: This is not real, not a situation, but represents advice. Sometimes refers to your hopes and fears. An example is if your advice shows that you are afraid. Then decide if that is what is keeping you from achieving your goals and make a change. Sometimes this is more clear and will indicate to go for it, nothing to hold you back.
Only Tarot Room tarot readings can be saved. The reading is saved when clicking on layout and reveal reading. This saves automatically if the saved readings quantity has not been exceeded. The number of allowed saved readings per day is based on membership type.
There is a limit of 1 reading for Basic members and 5 saved readings in one day for Premium members.
If you have another person wanting to get a reading, make sure to log out first, then allow that person to log in. Click on the “LOG OUT” link next to your name at the top. Then Click on the "LOG IN" link, the person can now log in with their email and password.
The Final Outcome, Overall Impressions, Special Readings and solutions are based on the tarot reading. We evaluate each card and position to determine relevancy of the solution presented. The following are the significance of each:
  • Final Outcome: This is what to expect in your future. Note that all other situations change constantly, but your future is usually set. You can impact this, but it takes consistent and strong effort.
  • Overall Impression: We evaluate all the cards in your reading to determine if this was a bad, fair, average, good or great reading. If there is a lot of conflict and struggle in your reading, then this will translate to a fair or bad reading. If there are many good cards, such as, riches, love, happiness, then this translates to a good or great reading.
  • Special Readings: Pay close attention to special readings especially if they are consistent as this represents something that is inevitable. An example would be if true love appears often, but you do not have someone now, there will be someone most definitely coming into your life.
There are 2 ways of accessing a saved reading. The latest reading will be featured in your Portrait, which can be accessed under Portrait in the main navigation of the Tarot Room menu. To view a different reading, click on that specific date dot in your Trend Chart.
This is very rare, but when it comes up it is a sure thing. There was something that was difficult to achieve, many things had to come into place for you to achieve this. For example; not just a new job, but finishing school, possibly moving and settling issues with a relationship. Only you know what this is because it is something you never thought you would achieve.

Spell and Product Recommendations

We highly recommend that you purchase the products that are suggested to improve the issues at hand. You can view details on spells, talismans, potions, products and add to your shopping cart from this page. You can also email your reading from this page. Don't forget to checkout and order your item. We ship from California within 1 busines day. Our shipping takes about 2 to 5 days for delivery depending on your location.
These are very relevant to your personal situation based on the reading. A recommendation that is directly tied to situations found in your reading or overall impression. There may be a very prominent issue at hand where 3 solutions will be provided; a powerful spell that involves a ritual and various aroma therapy items, a talisman that involves a written wish, herbs and wearing a pendant and a potion that is quick and easy and begins to help. It may be possible that no major issues are found and thus no immediate incantations are recommended.
The Final Outcome page of your reading will provide recommendations. This can be accessed under a new Tarot Reading or by accessing a saved reading in your Portrait. View the details of each of the recommended products that provide why they are recommended. Simply click on add to your cart button. The quantity will increase on the shopping card to the right navigation bar. Click on that shopping cart image to view what is in your shopping card. Then click on "Shopping Cart" to complete your purchase.
Click on add to your cart button.Click on that shopping cart image to view what is in your shopping card. Then click on "Shopping Cart" to complete your purchase.
No. TarotRoom.com only offers benevolent Spellspace products in order to maintain a positive aura within our site, services and products. Thus, we do not provide hex spells or use ingredients, traditions or elements known to be used for evil, to hinder or harm anyone or thing. Our spells focus on what Mother Nature and the Universe offers us. The female is very highly regarded because of the fertile, psychic and peaceful elements that exude her.
Yes, we provide everything needed to perform a spell. The moon phase is very important to consider when performing spells, and instructions and all ingredients are included.

Share Reading

Once you reach the final outcome click on the "Email Reading" button. A form will popup, complete and send. Must be a valid email address. Only available if have not reached saved reading daily limit.
Use Internet browser print button to print the Outcome, Overall and Help page. Click on Print Preview to make sure you like the view and manipulate the settings if you wish, we find changing to a Landscape view provides better viewing detail. Then click on Print or Control P to print.