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Birthday Tarot

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Birthday Card

Birthday Tarot Meaning

Your birthday tarot card provides insight into your life, love and luck.

Your Qualities

Unearth the great qualities you possess and can amplify.

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Your Powers

Element: What element rules your birthday?
Influences: The force that most influences your life.
Your Planet: The planet that most influences your tarot readings.
Color: What colors emanate from your bithday tarot sign?
Precious Stone: What precious stone you should wear based on your tarot sign?
Day of Week: Which day of the week is your strenght based on your bithday tarot sign?
Lucky Number: What number(s) are at your command?

Astrology and Relationships

Compatible With: What birthday tarot signs are you most compatible with?
Less compatible: TarotRoom members you're least compatible with.
Attracted to: TarotRoom members you're most attracted to, love to be with, who cares if not compatible, right? (I married one and never looked back, challenges for sure, but soo fulfilling!)