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About us

We are a small team of Tarot and Information Technology experts who joined together to offer a safe and fun place for Tarot. No hidden fees, no teaser card readings, no scams. A complete reading just like ancient times when people visited the town Alchemist to evaluate life and find solutions to problems.

We are located in Aliso Viejo, California where our distribution center is located. Questions? Use the Contact Us form or email us at: support@tarotroom.com. The following are frequently asked questions:

The store Account information is PRIVATE and is not shared with anyone. The TarotRoom website Portrait contains details such as tarot knowledge, State and Country (future). Your Membership Type/Level is displayed in your Portrait and Mini-Profile. Your email address is NOT displayed or provided to anyone. However, friends can find you by searching for your exact email address.
To change the Store Account information - update under the Support top navigation menu, then access the Store Account sub menu to update details in the Store such as name and addresses can be changed. To change your Tarot Account information - update under the Support top navifation menu. If you need to change your email address, please use the Contact Us form and provide both the old and new email addresses.
For both the TarotRoom and Store websites can updated through the login menu by requesting a password change. Follow the instructions provided. If a social media account was used, then a passwords is not needed after successfully logging into your social media account.
Addresses can be updated under your Store Account under the main Support navigation menu. Click on View Addresses. A list of all your shipping or billing addresses is shown. You can delete, or edit an address and select default and click save.
Click on Store Account under the Support main Navigation. Both your account address information and order history will be displayed. To access old SpellStore order information, please use the Contact Us form to request details.