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About Connections

Find other member Guides to connect with and share your reading insights or ask for advice. Insights are found within everyone's Portrait and featured in the top rotating banner. The following are frequently asked questions.


All members in the TarotRoom are Guides! People who are adored the most, leave the most rated Tarot Insights or have the most TarotRoom points are easier to find as Guides and the most requested.

Guides can leave tarot insights on saved Tarot readings and Portraits and share their tarot knowledge to help you with where you are, where you've been and where you're going. If you really like a Guide, adore them (click heart to make it red). Soon you will be able to search for friends and family by entering their email or first and last name. Send them an invitation to join and connect in this magical place.

You too can be a Guide if you leave great tarot insights on people's readings, portraits, or charts. Share your knowledge now!
Friends are now adored Guides. Under Connections select Guides, then find a guide, select the row and leave an insight message to get acquainted. After an insight comment is sent, the guide will be alerted and you will be notified when they respond.

Any previously accepted friends have been noted in your Guides list as adored guides (red heart). Adore a guide so they appear on top and can be easily found. Now that we have Social Media login, you will be able to connect and share portrait latest happenings, chart trends, readings, recommended spells, and birthday tarot with your friends and family.

Select Guides under the main Connections menu. If they were previously adored, they will show on the top list. Below the list will be member guides ready to help you with any questions.

Soon you will be able to search for someone by entering a person’s email address or first and last name. A list of guides will display; hover over a picture to view the guide's mini-profile. Click on the row that matches and they will display in your list. Adore them by clicking on the heart so they show every time you access your guide list.

When you receive your final outcome, scroll to the bottom and enter a message. Click on Submit to open the drop down. Selected “A GUIDE". Find your previously adored guide and select the row. Then click on SHARE WITH – SELECTED GUIDE. Once the insight is sent you will see the following message: “Insight request sent! Visit Guides Nickname portrait to see your request”
Select the Insights page from the Connections Menu,and select Adored Guides submenu. Adored Guides are also listed at the top in the Guides submenu. Click on "Show Guides" list and select "Adored by me" to view only your adored guides. You can also choose to see guides with the most adored tarot insights or portrait.
Please use the Contact Us form to request blocking or unblocking a guide. Provide their nickname, location, member since date and as much identifying information as possible.
Clicking on the guide's nickname or portrait image anywhere in TarotRoom will take you to their Portrait. You can also search for Guides on the Guides page by doing a search then selecting the guide in the list to view that Portrait page. To return to your own portrait, click on Portrait in the TarotRoom menu. You can view that person's Birthday Tarot by clicking on the Birthday Tarot link in their Portrait Stats box.


An insight is a message left by a Guide (member) on your Portrait or on a specific saved Reading. You can share an insight with "Everyone" which will show up in the list of Tarot Insights asking for Guide help. You can also decide to share with only a specific guide you search for on the Insight's "Find Guides" tab. Remember you can leave Tarot Insights for other people, too, and become an adored Guide in TarotRoom!
Diary notes are now Insight comments at the end of your Portrait. Your previous Diary entries still show up with the reading you left a note on. If you want to leave a private Insight that no one can read, then find a Guide under Connections and send a note directly.
On all Readings and Portraits, you'll see a message box towards the bottom where you can enter a note and click "Submit." Select whether "EVERYONE", "JUST YOU" OR "GUIDE" should receive and view. If "EVERYONE" was selected, your message will show up in the top banner for others to easily respond to. An email notification is also sent to the guide. Guides can then select your request and leave an Insight on your Reading or Portrait directly. (See Guide information above for more details).
A notification will appear on your Portrait page with information about the request, and you will also receive an email notificiation.
You will receive an email notification with a link to the Insight on your Portrait or saved Reading. All your insights can be viewed under you Portrait.

Tarot Rooms

Your Portrait is now your Tarot Room, where all your mystical information is accessible and can be viewed or shared with friends. Insight messages all show under you Portrait. See Portrait information under Tarot Room help for more details.