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May 3, 2016
Reading rating: Very Bad.
Main Card
Signifier Card
You have reached a wall or blockage that keeps you completely away from your desires. Things are not well, or there will be major strife and problems in the future.  There were an overwhelming number of bad cards relating to love and family and work and relationships. Changes in your life need to be made to move your life into a positive direction. Stay close to friends and family whom you trust and can lean on. Seek help even it just to talk about it. Start by doing things that feel good, such as holding your pet, walking on the beach, listening to live music outdoors, climbing a mountain or doing a marathon. Don't shut yourself in, don't lose yourself in a book, unless that book is shared with someone else. Do these things and try another tarot reading in a few days and note if the cards see a positive trend again.

Reading Rating Trend

Moderately Negative
Your reading rating trend is moving in the wrong direction. This is not good, and things are trending in the wrong direction. You will be helped by the spell recommendation to get your trend moving in a more positive direction.
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